Fine and Dandy…



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6 Responses to Fine and Dandy…

  1. boreds says:

    I actually really don’t like dandelions, and spend plenty of time weeding them. I think it’s their leaves.


  2. Clifford says:



  3. Muggins says:

    Creepy but pretty, i always have trouble getting an even spread or flowers with pictures of fields. Very nice.

  4. Lovely. Is that your garden, or a park?

    I’m always jealous this time of year, when you post loads of pictures of your flowers and fruit from your garden. I’m afraid my plants do not appreciate the shade of my living room (plenty of indirect light, but no direct light), so I am slowly killing a basil and a coriander. Think I will try chives, which seem happier in lower light intensities.


  5. Clifford says:

    Hi IP – It is a park.



  6. Cool. Here it is bluebell season. I keep meaning to get a picture for you, in the spirit of reciprocity, but my camera has died an untimely death, so you may have to wait until next year.