Poetry Slam!

On Sunday evening (perhaps after a lovely day at the Festival of Books), come along to the Mt. Hollywood Underground for a fun evening of poetry, organized by Smart Gals in the Speakeasy series! There’ll be food, fun, and even celebrity (!) poetry judges, (plus me), on the panel. There’ll also be live music form the Red Maids. Here’s some of the description from their website:

L.A.’s intentionally lowbrow, literally underground literary salon returns! Now running as a seasonal series, Smart Gals’ Speakeasy celebrates National Poetry Month with its fourth annual Dead Poets Slam. Year one, the Suicide Poets stood down the Natural Death Poets by but a few points. Year two, the Men took on the Women. Year three pitted East Coast against West Coast. And now, Smart Gals’ Spring Speakeasy presents a fresh challenge, ripe for a country with new leadership: Citizens vs. Expatriates. Many and mythic are the artists, writers, and otherwise sensitive types who have fled these United States to seek creative support and more responsive international audiences. Recall Langston Hughes’ Parisian sojourns, Hemingway’s romance with Spain. Smart Gals will pit die-hard American denizens against those who chose to disembark. Our criteria? The poet in question must live abroad for no less than four years, the length of one presidential term. Can poet-of-the-plains Carl Sandburg defeat Eurocentric Gertrude Stein? When dead poets enter the slam ring, there is no sure victor.

Hosted by Noël Alumit (Letters to Montgomery Clift, Talking to the Moon), the Dead Poets Slam levels the creative playing field by forcing seasoned performers to throw down anonymously. […]

To find out who’s performing and judging (besides you in the crowd), go to the website here. The facebook event page is here. (Previous events of theirs I’ve been to and blogged about include the Urban Homestead event and the 365 plays event held in McArthur Park.)

This is going to be huge fun!


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6 Responses to Poetry Slam!

  1. Clifford says:

    The Expats won!


  2. Carol says:

    Sounds like it was a great time. How was the panel?

  3. Athena says:

    Yes, tell us how it went!

  4. Clifford says:

    It was a huge amount of fun! The panel of three judges was not pelted with rotten fruit, perhaps surprisingly – I know I made a few unpopular decisions here and there – and it was a great showcase for some excellent (dead) poets, as well as some very alive ones as well (who were some of the readers)! I hope to go again next year. It was brilliantly put together event.


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