Excellent Succulents

Lunchtime. Here’s a brief report on my garden activity this morning. It’s all about the succulents. Or the succulence. Take your pick. I’ve been meaning to plant these out for almost a year, I sheepishly admit…

succulents_1 succulents_2 succulents_3

…and also it was time to transplant the large aloe to a more suitable pot.

succulents_1 succulents_5 succulents_6

I think I’ll have a whole patch of the garden full of potted succulents of one sort or another. Arranged more interestingly than the below, I hasten to add:


I’ve others all over the garden here and there, but this’ll be a sort of special focus, perhaps. In the pictures you can see a few of the ones I worked on. They’re all lovely in their own ways, with fascinating shapes and structures. The “tiger jaws” are particularly intriguing, I find…

Ok. Lunch over now. Update on the film-making saga: Off to the fashion district, in my role as costumer, to seek out some clothing items for the cast. Tonight sees me back to scripting and storyboarding…


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