Planck Meets Fleming

So yesterday at Pinewood Studios they announced the name of the upcoming second James Bond film in the new series that (excellently, in my opinion) re-envisions the Bond movie universe. Last year’s first one was “Casino Royale”, you may recall. Did you hear what the next one will be called?

“The Quantum of Solace”.

No, really. You can hear a bit about it (and the Ian Fleming short story it is based on – in which “the smallest unit of human compassion that two people can have” is discussed) on NPR here. What an amusing collision of physics and mainstream culture.

This just begs me to speculate, in two movements:

  1. Shouldn’t this smallest unit of human compassion, this quantum of solace, which is presumably a bosonic particle (as the photon is for light), have a name? Any ideas/suggestions? Solacon? Compasson? Empathon? I bet you can do better…. answers in the comments.
  2. casino royaleLast year in New York I took part in a shoot for King magazine where a group of mostly entertainment and fashion people (and …er… yours truly) all dressed up and played around on a casino set with the standard-issue roulette wheels, blackjack tables, mysterious-looking beautiful women, and so forth. The theme was Casino Royale, you see. You can read about it here and here. So while it might have been thought by some to be a stretch for the magazine to include a physicist amongst those featured (and of course I think it was creative and laudable that they did – see my thoughts), now it’s all perfectly poised for a physicist to join in a shoot with such a Bond theme.

    Me and the Tux are looking forward to 2009*… Physicists out there: I suggest you do the same (Tux, Ball gown, Little Black Dress, etc, as appropriate).


*Or the months soon after the film’s release, anyway.

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