Small Person in the House

shoesNo, I’ve not been keeping a low profile in the Far East for a month, as I did a couple of years ago. Nor have I been doing the same in the desert. Actually, I was pondering doing one of those, or something else along those lines, when my sister got in touch and said that she was going to visit me, along with our mum, and my sister’s 18 month old son. This news meant that I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with things over the last few weeks, as a lot of my spare time has been devoted to a project that needed to be accelerated (pictures later) so as to not have too much dust and chaos at the beginning of their visit, and since they arrived, well you can imagine…

They arrived, and it has been a great visit so far. All my plans to think hard about various physics (and other) projects between the two teaching semesters have been put on hold – and I don’t mind a bit. It’s good for me to have close family visit for a good chunk of time. So let’s see, what can I show you? Oh, of course. As a result of a Sunday morning push of a stroller up the hill in Griffith Park – Baby Z (as I will call him – because he’s a complex baby) wanders the Observatory grounds:

Griffith observatory grounds

More later…


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14 Responses to Small Person in the House

  1. Chanda says:

    Ever seen the first episode of Macgyver? A physicist who lives in Griffiths observatory?!? I learned this a few years ago … Now whenever I see pictures of Griffiths, I think of Macgyver. Makes the place even cooler than it already was without him.

  2. Yvette says:

    Great idea- start ’em when they’re young. 😉

  3. Jude says:

    That first photo is *way* too cute.

  4. Clifford says:

    Hmm, perhaps it would be less so if I’d not neglected to mention how shocked I am that his feet are so much bigger than mine….


  5. welikeclifford says:

    Dear Clifford, I read your blog alot. I saw you on a documentary the other day on TV on the Science channel. It was about black holes. They kept putting you on a subway car. I thought it was exciting to see you. Even though i should know better by now that you are a UKian I was still suprised to hear the UK accent, I expected an American one somehow. Anyway nice job on the program.

  6. janet says:

    Hmm, perhaps it would be less so if I’d not neglected to mention how shocked I am that his feet are so much bigger than mine….

    Clifford, I’ve been meaning to mention to you that it’s really about time you learned to tie your shoes.

  7. “Great idea- start ‘em when they’re young.”
    Yes indeed. And confuse ’em early. What else are uncles for?

    Enjoy the hols, and happy Hogmanay!

  8. Clifford says:

    Janet:- You mean all that left over right and right over left business I’ve heard about…? Little wrap-over velcro pads are so much less fiddly!


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  12. Carol&Co says:

    It’s almost that time again – I just had to look at the shoe picture again – sorry!

  13. Carol&Co says:

    And I am looking at it again and wondering where the time has gone – we need to update that photo!