I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!
Well, I don’t like this whole “nerd” business, a term that’s somewhat about marginalizing people who actually care to devote themselves to something*, but I lightened up for a while to take this test**. As you can see from the score on the left, I get to keep my membership card. I might even get to sit on some committees in the club. But I don’t think I get to chair any, and certainly won’t be president. That’s probably a good thing.

Why do it? Some of the questions are just really funny!

What’s your score? I suddenly have the need to know the nerdly profile of my readership…

Now I’m off downstairs to the workshop to build something. No, really.


*Sheril tells me I’ve got this wrong and says I should embrace the term. Maybe she is right.

**Thanks, Samantha!

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38 Responses to Nerdiometer

  1. Aaron F. says:

    54th percentile. Ha, I win! Or lose. Or something.

    The E = mc^2 question (SPOILER ALERT!) got me thinking. Nerdiness is typically associated with success in the sciences, but the nerdiest answer to a science question isn’t always the best one! In particular, if I were scoring the E = mc^2 question, I would definitely mark “2.99792458 * 10^8 m/s” as a nerdier answer than “the speed of light”—significant digits being a great point of nerd pride—but I think most physicists would agree that “the speed of light” is a much more meaningful answer.

  2. Paul K. says:


    A mere 81 (High-Nerd) for me.

  3. D says:

    Hah! 94 (Supreme Nerd) here

  4. Supernova says:

    89% = High-Level Nerd, thank you very much. I think the fact that I took this quiz WHILE ATTENDING an astrophysical conference is worth at least another 5 percentage points. 😛

  5. Yvette says:

    87 here too! Great minds think alike, or something. 😉

    Though of course, the original and classic test in this genre is The Geek Test ( Scored a 44.77318%- Major Geek.

  6. efp says:

    OMG. A 99%. I only self-identified as a high-nerd.

  7. Matt B. says:

    97% here. I think it was the Linux usage. I swear you guys will all one day understand. Especially if you are in science.

  8. Amara says:

    Uh oh.. 94% Supreme Nerd. Sigh.

  9. Robert says:

    That was supposed to read 99% (honestly, don’t know how I got it, probably the RPN calculator scores high).

  10. Greg says:

    Hmm, 99%. Can’t imagine what I got wrong.

  11. Jude says:

    66%. I suppose I’m fairly nerdy for a non-scientist rural female of 52.

  12. Kea says:

    LOL! I got 90! And I thought I would do badly because I use Windows and I didn’t build my own computer.

  13. Mike says:

    99th Percentile, Supreme High Nerd. Apparently, I’m really that nerdy, not that I really had any doubt, especially after the time I managed to steer the conversation at a party to discussing the monstrous moonshine conjecture/proof. Nothing better than a drunk string theorist and a drunk mathematician trying to explain what a group is to a bunch of non-scientists.

  14. Claire says:

    Oh, now you’ve done it… nerd-envy ensues…

  15. Eric says:

    95%, Nerd God.
    Aaron @ 1. “The speed of light” definitely seems to me to be a better answer; it would still be true if c were somehow changing slowly over time. The weakness of quizzes of this sort is (well, one of many weaknesses), is that they can’t take into account the nerdiness inherent in looking at that question, realizing that two of the answers are correct and thinking through which one is better from a physics standpoint. Of course, they should really have specified that it was the speed of light in vacuum, and so on, but I think I’ve put way more thought into this thing than it deserves.

  16. spyder says:

    This can’t be valid.. There is no way i am a:
    90% Your nerdiness is: Supreme Nerd.
    Come one, i answered the questions honestly, and it just made me seem even nerdy to myself than i think i am. So what if i remember all these things that i learned decades ago???? Science was easy in high school because i loved Chemistry (blowing stuff up well requires some actual knowledge and knowing the periodic table helps); but it didn’t ask what my PhD was in (philosophy) nor that i use a HP calculator because it was given to me. Okay, i admit, i do own a slide rule (well i kept one, jeez), and perhaps i spend more time online than i should have admitted and know something about how all this works. But i need to, and one should know how things work in order to use them more effectively. Doesn’t make me any nerdy??? OR does it? Does it Matter?? Inquiring Energy wants to know.

  17. Ok so the other score was one that I did ages ago. I just did the quiz again and I got 90%. Woohoo!


  18. Josh says:

    I got a mere 75%. I think I lost points since my favorite subject in high school was English (didn’t like any of my science and math teachers). Also, I’m a Windows user. But I think I should get bonus points for being a string theorist…

  19. Kea says:

    Bonus points for being a string groupie – er, I mean theorist. Get outta here!

  20. lt.milo says:

    I guess being in highschool added to it because im not a huge nerd but got a 92% for a Supreme Nerd

  21. Carl Brannen says:

    I got an 82, which is probably about right.

  22. eyesopen says:

    Hi: I got an 83, which makes sense. I looked up your blog after seeing the History Channel piece on wormholes. Nicely done. They have a good graphics department, but I noticed that the black hole pairs kind of just fell into each other instead of spiraling around before coalescing.
    Talking back to TV Science programs should increase one’s nerd score.

    Come visit my new blog Science Sense,

  23. Xing says:

    83, I think it was the dead rodents that balanced out my Safari usage..
    How did they know??

  24. Mitch P. says:

    Hmm.. 98th percentile.. though I’m a little concerned with their metrics and methodology. This seems highly biased toward computer nerds, to the exclusion of other equally nerdy pursuits .

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  26. Anjor says:

    87… 🙂

  27. Samantha says:

    I was also a supreme nerd god (score:95). Bit shocked by this to be honest. I think it was my love for Texas Instrument calculators.

  28. Carl Brannen says:

    Oh and REAL nerds know that HP still makes RPN calculators.

  29. Luis Sanchez says:

    Well, I was declared a “Cool Nerd King”, as you can see here. Fortunately enough for me, the presidential chair belongs to Mike 😉 .

  30. Haelfix says:

    I achieved 100% Supreme nerd god

  31. Harv says:

    99% Nerd God (though that should be Goddess)


  32. Bee says:

    hmm. I’ve already taken 2 of these tests previously, peer pressure etc. I even still have the results in an email, let me see… The one said “From this time forward, you’ll hold the title: Highly Dorky Nerd Queen – Carry it proudly, dork!” the other said “Your nerdiness is: Surpreme Nerd, apply for a Professorship at MIT now!!”. I like the letter one though I don’t really see the connection here. I guess I’ll have to take that one as well?

  33. Bee says:

    I made it up to 96%. I think I should spend less time with my laptop. And what’s so nerdy about the periodic table? Merry Christmas to everybody – B.

  34. Sophia says:

    92% – I was pretty surprised, actually. Fun test, tho! I was only beat (compared to my labmates) by my b/f who scored a nice 98%. (Apologies for the really late post. I’m catching up on my feed reader slowly….)

  35. Clifford says:

    Never too late to comment!


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