More Encounters On the Road Less Travelled

Julia Russell - eco homesHey, guess who I saw today! Recall, that I passed a woman on a tricycle a while back? Well, at exactly the same spot, I passed her again today. She’s called Julia, as you may recall from her comment on the blog sometime later, (as I’d met her subsequently and said hello properly). I briefly said “hello and how are you” this time as our bike and trike passed each other, but I apologized for having to rush off, and rushed off. I was trying to catch the next bus in order to get to my classroom by 9:55am. The class’ first midterm was at 10:00am today and I wanted to make sure to be on time. So I dashed off to the stop…

…Only to be accompanied five minutes later by Julia, calmly arriving on her tricycle. She was also catching the same bus, it turned out, and I’d landed in the gap between buses and needed to wait anyway. After checking with me that this was indeed the stop she needed, she chained her splendid red machine to a tree. I contemplated taking a picture of us and the two extraordinary conveyances together to show you. However, while I dithered over this, the bus came. So I’ll cheat and re-use the old picture (right).

Anyway, we chatted quite a while about things (including the frustration of trying to convince friends and colleagues that using the bus and the subway is not such a bad thing), and boarded the bus. We chatted some more. She asked if there was anything new in my life recently and my response was that I’d been composting on Saturday. While there’s a little bit more than compost in my life of late (yes, really – but I figure you’d be bored with tales of wine, women, song, and so forth, so I don’t trouble you with those…), this was good to talk about for a while since it turns out that she’s a big composting fan too – it is all part of her eco-homes project! I realized now that I did not point you to the website about the eco-home project before, so here is the description of it. It is clearly worth a visit, if you’re interested and in the area, and I must do so myself. So, compost on the mind, we chatted about the pros and cons of soil improvement vs raised beds and so forth, and trundled along on the bus.

green lofts renovation project imageSo anyway, the main point of this post was to tell you about one particular thing that came up in our conversation. There’s a whole new project about to be unveiled. It is, and I quote: “Green Lofts, a fascinating eco-renovation of a derelict old factory into stylish live/work units in south Los Angeles.” There’s a description of it on the site, and there’s an open day on Saturday the 13th. From the architectural plans and progress pictures there, I’m itching to go along and have a look. I asked if I might get a preview visit of it, and she said we can probably work it out. (This is especially good since I thing I’ve some wedding celebrations to go to that day.) green lofts renovationThis is great, since I will try to do an extended blog post on it and report back to you either here or on Correlations, giving you a taste of what there is to be seen in time to remind you and encourage you to go on the open day if you’re in the area. This should be fun – I’ve a number of architect friends who might be interested in this, given their own interests in projects that strive for more sustainability, re-use of materials, and so forth, so I’ll be spreading the word a bit.


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