Science Woman

I don’t know if you read ScienceWoman’s posts at the blog “On being a scientist and a woman”, but if you don’t, go over there from time to time. The same thing can be said for the blog “Female Science Professor”. They are both very internal sorts of blogs. You won’t find overly-opinionated rants and pontifications about various things nearly as often as you’ll read thoughtful anecdotes and internal debates about what it is like to be a scientist (who also happens to be a woman) in a science department somewhere in America*. They are both anonymous, which allows them to speak more freely, and probably makes them more interesting blogs – especially when they talk about the difficulties of being both a scientist and a woman in their job.

Here’s a simple but poignant post from Science Woman that should motivate you: It is entitled “I will not be a foregone conclusion.” I thought it was great, and so that’s why I thought I’d point you to it.


(*This is a good thing, from my point of view… ranty and/or overly-opinionated blogs have their place, but I find that they can tire me out… and very easily these days. So I tend to look at other types of blog in my downtime.)

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