Keep an Eye on Keith Henson

I learned from Amara about this matter (anti-Scientology activist Keith Henson being arrested) from comments here, here and here, and it seems (from a look at the chatter on the web) that this is worth keeping an eye on. Some information can be round here and here is a blog which promises updates.


(Thanks Amara!)

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3 Responses to Keep an Eye on Keith Henson

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  2. Amara says:

    Thanks for the “notice”. This story has been “slashdotted”: , now so I expect the story to spread quickly. The attention and extra press will help him. Also these words might fill in some of the context for people who are puzzled by the bizarreness of the situation, and want to learn a little more about him.

  3. Amara says:

    Here is a good summary of events, thus far.