Chilly Market Day

You can tell it was a bleak MidWinter day at the Hollywood Farmer’s market last week.

hollywood farmer's market

People are actually dressed for outdoor weather for a change. They’re wearing hollywood farmer's marketjackets and coats. That’s how you tell. Oh, and women break out their Ugg boots… Why anyone thought those were stylish fashion accessories I’ll never understand. They’re all snow palms nbc imageover the USC campus during the week too. (Apologies if you have some of your own … I’m sure they’d work really well on you of course.) This was all before it became clear that it was a major cold snap that would hang around here for a while, doing serious damage to the crops. The content and pricing of the various market stalls will have changed quite a bit this week, I’m sure. The peak of this bizarre cold spell was symbolized nicely by images like the one on the right (click for larger, found here), showing the snow that fell in the Malibu, a few miles North of the heart of Los Angeles.

No farmer’s market for me this week – I’ve too much food at home already, and so I’m off to wander along the beach for a bit instead – but I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from last week’s visit.

hollywood farmer's market


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3 Responses to Chilly Market Day

  1. spyder says:

    there is something so patently unfair about that beautiful bountiful bad of produce and sunny day while i am looking out my window at piles of snow that refuse to even think about melting. Perhaps the one attribute of the freeze is that the snow on the trees remains stuck on every branch and twig, making fake flocking look even more fake.

    The snow on the beach in the Bu though??? That just isn’t right.

  2. jason says:

    Are those palm trees with snow instead of sand?

  3. Clifford says: