Grand Clues All Around

Today in my Physics 100 class (I’m preparing it right now), we’ll be re-discovering the structure of the atom… It’s nice to consider the clues that are around us in our everyday life. This picture (click for larger… and yes, I was down at Grand Central Market again on Sunday) will start my discussion of one set of important clues…. Any thoughts about what aspect of it I’ll be talking about?

Grand Central Market


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11 Responses to Grand Clues All Around

  1. Ambitwistor says:

    Neon signs… atomic emission spectra –> discrete energy levels?

  2. Obviously, it’s the discrete levels to sandwiches as advertised in the sign in the background.

    Also, check cashing involves discrete sums of money.

    Wow, QM is everywhere!


  3. Aaron F. says:

    And look… Del Rey products come in discrete, identical jars! ^_^

  4. Weldon says:

    A little more physical would be a discussion of how the neon signs are in different colors

  5. Count Iblis says:

    An interesting question is if quantum mechanics could have been discovered on purely theoretical grounds in the 19-th century in an attempt to solve inconsistencies in classical electrodynamics, such as violation of causality if you take the back reaction of accelerated charges into acount, stability of matter, etc.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Hey you, the BA, brilliant observation! Admittedly, you have a sharp eye for detecting the dicreteness of check cashing within this quantum marketplace. However, I’d like to challenge your sharp eye to uncover the superpositioning and–of course–the entanglement of credit card use within this quantum marketplace;)…

  7. I can never find a good quantum mechanic when i need one. You see, i have this photon that’s broken.

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