A Powerful Little Helper?

It’s late here at the Physics Center, and there is a hugely violent thunder and lightning storm outside. Good time to work.

While wandering the corridors in thought….. spotted this and photographed it for your viewing pleasure:

Einstein Doll

I did not pose this or anything. It was just standing there just like that, next to a public blackboard. Notice the chalk in his hand, and everything! Excellent. (The baggy jumper/sweater and chalk are nice details.) I imagine he was posed there by some other person (but consider ….what if not ?!)

Is it just me, or does this put you in mind of the excellent “Team America” as well? Does anyone know where this doll is from? Are there other scientists in this series? Maybe someone could do a whole series of short movies with them… moments of dialogue between famous scientists acted out by dolls…

Ok. Another crazy/stupid idea released into the wild. Back to work.


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9 Responses to A Powerful Little Helper?

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Clifford,

    I happen to have one of these toys on my desk. It was bought for me in a clothes shop in Dean Street, Covent Garden. I think they also had other world famous figures for sale. But no scientists.

    A quick internet search proves more useful than my memory, you can see a lot of the other action figures here from Freud to Edgar Allen Poe via Moses. Happy days.


    P.S. Good luck with the new blog, and your many other projects!

  2. Clifford says:

    Gosh….. thanks for the link… Always wanted a Betthoven Action figure actually….!! But the thing that really caught my eye with horror and disbelief was this:

    Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure
    This 5-1/4″ tall, hard vinyl Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure is worried about whether or not you washed your hands after you used the bathroom. Just in case, he’s sure you won’t mind if he wears his gloves and surgical mask when he shakes your hand. Or even better, maybe you could just bump elbows with him. Now, as soon as he finishes counting those ceiling tiles, he can get started on alphabetizing the canned foods. Mini surgical mask included. Packaged with a sanitary, hypo-allergenic towelette to clean off the figure before you touch it.



  3. Navneeth says:

    Don’t you think the hair is a little too long. 😛

    That’s the Rock-Star-Einstein, I suppose.

  4. Amara says:

    I want a Van Gogh action figure …! Maybe one can customize one of these ‘Benders‘, for science, although it would be difficult to top a Space Monkey Bender.

  5. Clifford says:

    Navneeth, Amara, thanks for the links. I had no idea of the existence of the bender universe previously. Of course, the science version would be called “Mind Benders”.


  6. Clifford says:

    Warren, thanks! So where and when did you get the small chalk-holding one? Also during Einstien year?


  7. Warren says:

    I forget when I got it, probably yes, last year. It was a gift from a friend, who got it @ a local store that also had the other “action figures”, & I think also the bigger stuffed Einstein, as well as other exotic things. It went out of business not long after it opened.