Press Play!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, the NPR affiliate KCRW’s Press Play broadcast an interview with me. I spoke with the host Madeleine Brand about my non-fiction graphic novel about science, and several other things that came up on the spur of the moment. Rather like one of the wide-ranging conversations in the book itself, come to think of it…

This was a major interview for me because I’ve been a huge fan of Madeleine for many years, going back to her NPR show Day to Day (which I still
sorely miss) and her excellent shows on KPCC. She’s basically been a welcome, familiar, and regular voice in my life for longer than a lot of people I know. So take that aspect, and then combine it with being interviewed by one of the smartest and dryly funny hosts, of a show that has such a variety of fascinating topics – what can top that?!

You can see some images from the book on KCRW’s site and find a link to the audio of the ten-minute chat here. (Note: Despite the intro, the book doesn’t really focus on superhero stuff. It’s just one of very many topics.)


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