Last week the always-interesting Maria Popova of Brain Pickings wrote a piece about the book. I was pleased to see what she wrote because it was clear that she really understood many of the several things I was trying to do in making the book. (I say this because my expectation is usually that people aren’t going to click with it because it does not fit narrow presuppositions for either a non-fiction science book or for a graphic novel.) So this was a very pleasant surprise indeed. There’s no point trying to paraphrase her, so let me simply point you there with this link.

The book also made the roundup of top Science Books for 2017 on NPR’s Science Friday! Maria Popova and Deborah Blum do a regular spot on the show where they list their picks. It was a great crop and you can read about them all here. Due to various delays, the book has begun to appear well over a month later than I’d have preferred, and so I feared that it would not make it into the hands of many readers at all in order for anyone to even consider it one of their favourites of the year, so I was delighted to see it on that list.

Launch events for the book have gone well, the event at the Pioneer Works space in Brooklyn being by far the most successful in terms of sheer numbers of people interested in waiting in line for me to sign a copy and even have a chat with them. Thanks all of you! I hope you enjoy the book! (Above photo is me doing an impromptu signing here at USC for a colleague – thanks Lisa for the picture!)

I’ve got lots of plans in the works for when the book comes to the UK, by the way. It’s looking like I’ll be at two or three major literary and/or science festivals, for a start. I’ll let you know more in due course.


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4 Responses to Noted…

  1. David says:

    Dang, missed your Brooklyn appearance, any chance of visiting the NYC area again ?

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi… no plans just yet, but that can change. Check back!



  3. Clark Lehman says:

    I am attempting to purchase your book for my daughter (she has a youtube video blog on books called Possibly Literate) – any suggestions?
    Clark Lehman

  4. Clifford says:

    Hi! I’m not sure I understand the question. You should be able to purchase it by any means you wish to. Your local bookstors may have it on their shelves, Or you can ask them to order it for you,or you can get it online. I think it might be out of stock temporarily at some of the large online sellers, but I imagine that they will restock shortly. Ordering directly from the MIT press website will get it to you for sure. I hope that answers your question?