Two Events!

(Image above courtesy of Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA.)

Happy Thanksgiving! This coming week, there’ll be two events that might be of interest to people either in the Los Angeles area, or the New York area.

The first is an event (Tues. 28th Nov., 7pm, Co-sponsored by LARB and Chevalier’s Books) centered around my new book, the Dialogues. It is the first such LA event, starting with a chat with writer and delightful conversationalist MG Lord, and then a Q&A. I’ll maybe have on display some process art from the making of the book. Then, I’ll be happy to personally sign your copy of the book – there’ll be plenty on hand at the store! Event link here.

The second is an event (Fri. 1st Dec., 7pm) at Pioneer Works, in Brooklyn, NY. It’ll be a conversation with Nobel Laureate David Gross, Janna Levin, and myself. String theory will be the nominal topic, although I suspect it will be wide-ranging. There’ll be a Q&A at the end, and then I’ll be signing your copy of the book – there are copies waiting there for you to make your own! Event link here.

Maybe see you at one of those!


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2 Responses to Two Events!

  1. John Branch says:

    I learned of your book only today. In case you’re interested, your publisher advertised it in a New York Review of Books email. I haven’t read it yet, needless to say, but I already ordered a copy as a gift for a friend. Also, since I haven’t checked your blog in ages (glad to see it’s still running), I didn’t see your mention of the Pioneer Works event until just now. I hope you get back there for another event sometime. Meanwhile, best wishes for your book!

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi John. Thanks for the purchase. Hope you read a copy too. Thanks for letting me know about the ad.