A Sighting!

I went a bit crazy on social media earlier today. I posted this picture and:

There’s been a first sighting!! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh! It EXISTS! It actually exists! In a bookstore (Cellar Door Books in Riverside)!

(But believe it or not a copy has not got to me yet. Long story.) http://thedialoguesbook.com (Thanks Flip Tanedo and Linda Sherman-Nurick.)

This is also a good way of mentioning that I’ll be doing a signing of the book at Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA. Next Friday (17th November) at 6:00pm. More details here. That’s why the books are there. And then Linda, the manager, took this snap and sent it to Flip, and then he posted it as part of a comment on a FB post of mine and then I went a bit crazy with delight and relief because all I’d been hearing about was printing delays and moved release dates…


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