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Kent Devereaux @NHIAPres took this at Poptech

I’ve been a bit pulled hither and thither this last ten days or so. I was preparing and then giving a couple of talks. One was at (En)Lightning Talks LA, and the other was at PopTech (in Camden, Maine). I was therefore a bit absent from here, the blog, but very present on social media at various points (especially at PopTech) so do check out the various social media options in the sidebar.

In both cases, the talks were about my work on my familiar (to many of you) theme: Working to put science back into the general culture where it belongs. The longer talk (at PopTech in Camden Maine) was 15 minutes long or so, and I gave some introduction and motivation to this mission, and then used two examples. The first was my work on science advising for movies and TV, and I gave examples of what I consider good practice in terms of how
a consulting/advising relationship can work for making stories better, more internally consistent, and more engaging to audiences. My work on Agent Carter Season two and National Geographic’s Genius Season one (life of Einstein) are two examples of a very high watermark in that regard.

Trista Harris @TristaHarris took this at PopTech

Then I moved on to tell the story of the forthcoming book (the Dialogues) and how it came to be and why I hope it will help broaden the kinds of science book we put out there for general audiences, and also broaden the kinds of audience. That latter part was also essentially the five minute talk I gave at (En)Lightning.

Videos will be posted at some point and when they are I will share them with you here!


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