New Trailer!

No, not the new Black Panther trailer, not the new trailer for The Last Jedi (although those are awesome)… No, this is a trailer for the book. You get to look inside for the first time:

I may make a second trailer soon. The book appears mid-November. More at

(For those of you interested in the details, I made this by cutting together some footage of the book that I took when I had the final colour proofs in my possession for a day. Just before I popped them back into the mail back to the printer, I had the idea to lay a few pages out on the table and just pass over them with my iPad in video mode. Then pulling them into imovie it was easy to clean up the shots by changing the framing here and there, and adjusting speed at various points for smoothness. The most fun part was the music. At first I found a free version of a well-known Chopin piece (Op 28 no. 4) which fit pretty well…until I worried about the minor key sending the wrong tone… and indeed discovered that it is now one of the go-to pieces when people want to invoke loss, sadness, and death. So I decided to make my own music as I figured it would take less time than continuing to search for something suitable, permissioned, and of the right length. After improvising on the piano for a while (mostly to knock the rust off my long-unused mediocre playing skills), sticking to a simple major key, I found some phrases that worked. I took a microphone and recorded them and put them on the film, with a few digital tweaks here and there to try to fix some imperfections. After sitting with it for a day I decided that I did not like the quality of the recording at all. Most people would not notice, given that they’d not be listening closely or on headphones… but I’d know. Also, why after so many years of effort to make the images would I accompany them with such poor sound? So I went out and bought a midi-usb cable and used my piano and computer to re-do the phrases digitally, and layer in new sound.)


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2 Responses to New Trailer!

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    OK–we need to add composer to your CV?? Yikes

  2. Clifford says:

    You’re too kind!