In Flight…

Over on Instagram – follow me there @asymptotia for lots of activity – I showed a couple of montages of sketches I did on the flight out to New Orleans and on the return portion. It is a bit of practice I like to do, which I have not done in a long time. It is part of the practice I did a lot when I was gearing up to do final drawing on the book:

(Oct. 6th) Ok I took a bit longer on it than qualifies as a quick sketch. Sometimes this is all a bit similar to rolling flaky pastry: it all looks like a mess that’s going to go badly wrong. And then eventually, after keeping an eye on several elements, sometimes something coherent and not too terrible emerges from the mess. The shaking airplane and the lack of a clean eraser meant that I could not do a good finish on the eyes and lips… so the likeness is off. … but it was good practice anyway, which I needed because I’m very rusty.

(Oct. 8th) Well, this is especially for those who will not sleep peacefully without knowing what or who I sketched on the flight back. I found a picture in a national newspaper of Sarah Silverman holding her head at an interesting angle. I looked no further. A bit rough, but I sort of like it.


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