Kitchen Capers…

It’s time for a visit to the kitchen. This time the result was a spontaneous coconut tart, made from childhood memories… (and a bit of pastry). Here are two composite photos and their captions (from my instagram account) to tell the story:

Well, this is part one. I had a rare success upon opening a supermarket coconut, so spontaneously decided to do a bit of a nostalgia trip with it. All that grating from my childhood coming back… I threw together some flaky pastry before rushing off to campus for a full day…

…and this is part two. I winged it, and it worked! The story: Got back from campus and had to make this fast alongside dinner. The usual will-it/won’t-it/why-did-I-do-this moments over forming the pastry… Simmering the coconut with some sugar and spices…some swift lattice and glazing work… chucking it in the oven… voila! Instant throwback to delicious treats from my Caribbean days. Yum!


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