I Went Walking, and…

Well, that was nice. Was out for a walk with my son and ran into Walter Isaacson. (The Aspen Center for Physics, which I’m currently visiting, is next door to the Aspen Institute. He’s the president and CEO of it.) He wrote the excellent Einstein biography that was the official book of the Genius series I worked on as science advisor. We chatted, and it turns out we have mutual friends and acquaintances.

He was pleased to hear that they got a science advisor on board and that the writers (etc) did such a good job with the science. I also learned that he has a book on Leonardo da Vinci coming out in the Fall. Leonardo da Vinci is another favorite subject of mine, so I can’t wait to read it. Evidently we share a lot of favourite topics… we went from there to Galileo, and wouldn’t you know I’ve a book of Dialogues about science coming out in the Fall, so there was another fun topic to exude about. I expect we’ll chat again – perhaps crossing paths on the book tour circuit.

It’s a small world after all.


(Above is a 3 minute sketch I did called Vitreous Mannequin. Because.)

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