Silicon Valley

I’ll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend, talking on two panels about science and its intersection with film on the one hand (tonight at 7pm if my flight is not too delayed), and non-fiction comics (see my book to come) on the other (Saturday at 12:30 or so). For that latter one I’ll be joined by Christos Papadimitriou of Logicomix, and Jorge Cham of PhD Comics, and the panel is hosted by astrophysicists Janna Levin and Jameson Rollins.

This will be the first time the cover of the forthcoming book and some (small) glimpses of the interior get a public viewing, so this is your chance to get ahead of the crowd… 🙂 (This is not a book launch, but a discussion of science in graphic nonfiction books, so each of us are using our work as examples…)

I’ll say more at some point, but please share my amusement at being on this varied list of “guests” from former Star Trek actors through renown cosplayers to celebrity robots and cars (who knew?). Have a look:


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  1. Mark Peifer says:

    Jorge Cham was here at UNC last month for our Diversity in Science Conference and was a hit with participants. Have fun.