Upcoming Panels at SXSW

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It seems that even after finishing the manuscript of the graphic book and turning it in to the publisher*, I can’t get away from panels. It’s a poor pun, to help make an opening line – I actually mean a different sort of panel. I’ll be participating in two (maybe three) of them this Saturday at the South By SouthWest event in Austin, Texas. I’ll give you details below, and if you happen to be around, come and see us! This means that I’ll not get to see any of the actual conference itself since two (maybe three) events is enough to wipe out most of the day, and then I jump on a plane back to LA.

They’re about Science and the media. I’ll be talking about the things I’ve learned about getting science into film and TV and the whys and wherefores of that (from my perspective), with examples of things I’ve worked on in recent times.

One panel is called The Science of Fiction, and is about Science, Movies and TV, and I’ll be with host Rick Loverd, the director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, and also the screenwriters Stephany Folsom and Samantha Corbin-Miller. (You’ll probably have seen some of the awesome things they’ve written…. look them up!) The event details are here.

The other will be on the podcast stage, and is an episode of the BBC World Service Program CrowdScience. I’ll be part a panel of science and entertainment people (I’m not sure I’m allowed to say who but I just learned who it will be and one of them is a real live astronaut!) answering some questions from the program’s audience and talking about science and the movies. The details are here.

The (possible) third thing is a Facebook Live event for the BBC but I can’t find details about it anywhere so can’t point to it. If I get more information I’ll let you know if I can.

Should be fun!


*Oh, yes, I did do that a while back! I will say more about it soon.

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