The connector between the blog and Facebook and twitter has been broken and I’ve not been able to make the time to fix it. It looks like I might have to install a whole new system and I’ve not found one that works as well as the old (now unsupported) one, so that’s (partly) why I’ve not posted any updates on anything much. Also, I’ve been very focussed on trying to do more on the book with even less time than I’d planned for the final months on it. (The reasons for the less are actually positive, but I won’t attempt to explain them here.)

Anyway, things change and you go with the flow… Or try.

Well, conduit fixed or not, I’ll be back to giving you regular updates on things… I’ve worked on some particularly fun pages that I’d love to share with you… I can’t yet show full pages, of course, but I can show you some snippets. See you soon.


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