Yes, I’m still here. I realise that I paused posting for a while longer than I have in a long time (possibly ever!), and I’m sorry about that. There were a lot of things, not just the obvious one(s). Anyway, I’m still here… still drawing and painting away on the book, and working on a bunch of other things that I ought to tell you about at some point (some of which I need to get clearance for…).


(Click for larger view) The other day I went comfortably old school, pencil sketching in a cafe on bristol board with some organic home grown on-the-fly one point perspective work to bring to life a bedroom that has been in my head for a while… Then returning to my office and switching to new school for digital ink, and then some nice brushed colour that has lots of nice bristly-ness to it (but still digital… because:time).

More about this page later.


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