(Click for larger view.) Always a bit annoying when the rough sketch done on the subway looks way more vibrant a drawing than the finished one for the book. Sigh. Seriously thinking I ought to do one story entirely in rough drawings…


Anyway, this share is also to reassure you that the book is not composed entirely of people sitting around talking. Although perhaps you’re imagining that I’m fulfilling some secret requirement that all graphic books must have* an appearance by a person in a funny looking suit…?


(*In case you don’t know, that’s definitely not the case, by the way!)

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23 Responses to Rough…

  1. Luke Wade says:

    Dr. Johnson,

    I am helping with a TSA student website build team that is researching space flight. They are required to “conduct a multimedia interview with an ‘expert’ in the privatization of the space.” I know that you do not necessarily work in this field, but they were assured that professors were OK! I have been a fan for years, having seen you several times on Screen Junkies. I thought an interview with you would be great. We are in a rural county in East Tennessee, so we’d be conducting this online, obviously. Any help or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!

    Luke Wade
    Rogersville Middle School

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’m definitely not qualified to say much about that area! I’ll send you more in a note over email shortly.