Kitchen Design…

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sample_panel_dialogues_19_09_2016Apparently I was designing a kitchen recently. Yes, but not one I intend to build in the physical world. It’s the setting (in part) for a new story I’m working on for the book. The everyday household is a great place to have a science conversation, by the way, and this is what we will see in this story. It might be one of the most important conversations in the book in some sense.

This story is meant to be done in a looser, quicker style, and there I go again with the ridiculous level of detail… Just to get a sense of how ridiculous I’m being, note that this is not a page, but a small panel within a page of several.

The page establishes the overall setting, and hopefully roots you in the environment so that I don’t have to show much of it on every page later. Going to try to force myself to go with p.o.v. choices in the subsequent pages that very much reduce the need to show every floorboard. No really. I’m going to try hard.

Oh, and I’m going to try to do a fully finished page every day this week.

[Looks at clock]

It is 3:25pm and I’m still inking. Eeek.


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