Competition Results!

design_film_competition_logo_mediumThis year’s USC Science Film Competition saw another crop of films with a great variety of approaches, with live action and animation, comedy, drama and documentary, and all sorts of hydrids of those forms. Thanks to all who took part. As for the results, and seeing the films (do take a look!) I’ll repeat here the post I did over on the competition’s blog:


We had a lot of fun at the screening and showcase last Thursday. The films looked great on the Imax screen. Many thanks to Matt Scott for working hard to make sure it all looked great, and also to him and the Large Format Cinema Club for co-hosting the event! Once again, thanks to the Burg Foundation for supporting the competition financially with prize money, grants for helping with the filmmaking, and funds for refreshments and logistics. And lots of thanks to the judges for taking the time to give their thoughts about the films!

The results are as follows:

Well done all the prizewinners and well done to all who took part in the competition this year. There was so much good work and good ideas to be found in all the films! All the films (and the names of the filmmakers) are available on the YouTube channel sciencefilmusc2016, linked here.


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