Southern California Strings Seminar – Santa Barbara

KITP_SCSS_2For the first time in its history, the Southern California Strings Seminar was held in Santa Barbara, at the KITP! It was probably the largest meeting that has been held under that banner, with attendance from all over the map of theory groups in the region. Thanks for Edgar Shaghoulian for organising it!

Although I was a bit under the weather (never really figured out what the matter was) and super-pressed for time, I went along to support it and learn a bit about what was going on. I think that there’ll be a posting on the KITP’s online talks website at some point with the various talks, so you can look in too (keep an eye on their website).

I did not fancy driving there and playing dodgems with the traffic and so -as seems to be my custom when train_back_from_itpcoming to SB for work over the last decade or more- I jumped onto my bike, onto the subway, and then onto the train to the station in Goleta, not too far form the UCSB campus. My bike folded up as usual, and rode in the luggage compartment above me while I worked for three hours using the free WiFi and enjoyed the excellent ocean views. What a nice couple of days!


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