Secret Pie

Yesterday’s secret pie. I tried to make it secretly over the course of the day while making a batch of bread at the same time, but my cover was blown when rolling out the pastry in the evening, which is too hard to hide. (Click for larger view.)


It’s a large (so hopefully will last for a few days) pie of primarily steak, carrots, mushrooms and onions, flavored with herbs (bay leaves*, rosemary, thyme) and tomatoes from the garden. I wonder if this is one of the nine kinds favored by the wielder of the purple crayon? (Yes, children’s book references riddle my discourse these days…)

Roughly finished, but very delicious (I’m happy to report), it reminds me very much of Britain. Perhaps a nice Sunday pub lunch on a damp day, sitting outside just as the sun breaks out for a while and your food arrives all nice and warm. Oh, there’s half a guinness in it. I based the filling on a recipe from here, and made some changes – Also I went in a very different direction for the pastry.

I suppose I should have done this on March 14th… (a remark that makes sense only if you use the US ordering of dates…)


*Ok, that’s from the neighbor’s bay tree overhanging our fence. Thanks!

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