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sundance_logoVariety and other such entertainment news sites are abuzz with the news that Sundance has now announced its list of who’s on the various Juries for prizes at the festival this year. As you may know, the Sloan Foundation gives a prize there for science in feature film, and I’ll be on the Jury this year. It should be fun – watching all those films will be a bonus, but I’m most looking forward to talking with Kerry Bishé and Shane Carruth about science/engineering and film. Kerry plays a computer engineer character on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire”, and in my view really helps set a new high standard for the level of depth and nuance you can bring to such a character while staying well away from every tedious engineer/scientist character trope that actors usually are expected to bring to such a role. (It is a series I strongly recommend if you’ve not seen it). I imagine I’ll continue my interesting conversation about science and film with Shane (who wrote and directed the excellent time-travel film “Primer” – you may recall us appearing together on this topic a while back).

Of course, it’ll be really interesting to meet and work with the other Science+Film Jury/panel members too. In fact, the whole list of all the juries looks great by the way – a lot of people whose work I like. (Before you ask, I don’t expect I’ll be sipping cocktails with Jon Hamm, Lena Dunham, or Keegan-Michael Key.) The Sundance list of jury members with bios is here.


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  1. PhilipAShane says:

    This is a giant bucket of awesomeness. Holy moly. Congrats! So psyched for the new Shane C. film, didn’t know he had one coming out (is it out this year?). And, yes yes yes, Halt & Catch Fire is fantastic. As is Mr. Robot.