Gown Uses…

Well, finally since arriving here in 2003 I’ve found a good use for the academic gown that sits on a hook on the back of my door! It is a master’s gown from Durham University. I had it while I was on the faculty there as I’d joined the excellent University College (housed in the awesome Durham Castle) so that I could have dinner at high table there from time to time (largely because of the aforementioned Castle). Since leaving there and coming here, it has sat largely undisturbed. But today, while crossing campus in a wonderful downpour, my trouser legs got rather soaked (umbrellas and trenchcoats have their limitations), and so I’m now sitting in my office trouser-less while they dry. Needless to say, my door is closed, and just in case (also since I don’t have blinds on one window), I’m wearing the gown. It is rather comfy, actually, and the thought of routinely wearing it as a sort of coverall while in my office has passed through my mind…briefly. (Perhaps I can store snacks in the weird flappy sleeve-but-not-sleeve things that hang down…?)

I’ll spare us all further discomfort beyond this over-share by not including a photo. You’re welcome.


(I really hope I don’t forget what I’m wearing and wander outside to run an errand…)

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45 Responses to Gown Uses…

  1. Mary Cole says:

    This made me laugh. It’s good to hear Durham academic gowns have some use!

  2. Mark Peifer says:

    This image brightened a somewhat dreary Carolina day……. and it reminded me of some fun i had a couple of weeks ago. Over the holiday the torrential rain in our area left the bridge over a small creek on our (3/4 mile long gravel) driveway flooded a number of times. One of those days was Dec 23 when we were supposed to go to a Xmas Carol party at our neighbors. I put on my sportcoat and bow tie but left my nice pants in a bag as I waded across the creek to the other side to reach our car. To my amusement and my daughters horror, another neighbor had driven down to see how high the water was and thus got to see my ad hoc outfit. Country living at its best.

  3. Clifford says:

    Ha Ha! I suppose the good news is that your neighbor did not snap a photo, as everyone seems to do for everything these days!