Knee or Elbow?

knee_elbowToday’s big conundrum: Call this curve a knee or an elbow?

On the one hand, it goes from horizontal to vertical, so obviously a knee.

On the other hand, the little bump before the plunge is sort of a bit like a cartoon elbow*. Think of Popeye, etc.



*Or perhaps a real one, but with a case of olecranon bursitis

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13 Responses to Knee or Elbow?

  1. Stam Nicolis says:

    Depends, also, on the resolution of the vertical scale-if the difference can’t be resolved it’s neither 🙂

  2. Stam Nicolis says:

    Hi Clifford,

    In today’s preprint, is the caption for Fig. 2 correct? The caption states efficiency, the vertical axis is T_C, however. They’re related, of course. And the expression “upper curve” seems ambiguous, since there only appears one curve…

  3. Clifford says:


    Looks like a cut and paste error. Thanks for spotting that! In the future, please send me email about such things! You can find the address on the paper.



  4. Clifford says:

    … following up… yes, interestingly I seem to have had all my figure captions revert to older versions (which began life in a companion paper). Whoops. However, the actual text of the paper clearly states what’s going on in the figures, so the attentive reader ought not to be too confused. My apologies… I’ll adjust it in due course.



  5. Stam Nicolis says:

    Today there was, also, this preprint: “Quantum heat engine based on photon-assisted Cooper pair tunneling”-is it known, whether such systems have gravitational duals?

  6. Clifford says:

    Oh! How interesting, and what an excellent coincidence! I’ve no knowledge of duals to such things. Would be very cool if any existed!