D-Brane Fun!

imageTurns out that it still a lot of fun to lecture about string theory and D-branes! (The latter are an important type of extended object, generalizing membranes, that have been very useful in theoretical physics for the last 20 years. — My goodness, it has been 20 years since Joe Polchinski first demonstrated their importance for string duality!) The students at the Latin American String School here in Mexico City seem to be very engaged and enjoying themselves. Although I was having fun I was also not without a presentation error or two brought on by tiredness from being up for a large portion of the night due to weekend parties outside my hotel window. (Halloween and Day of the Dead all on a weekend mean a perfect storm of celebrations.) But they seemed to catch my slips and carry on enjoying the lectures. I attribute it entirely to the engaging material. The story of D-branes is kind of an adventure story, and it makes sense to tell it that way.

I promised you some photos from my adventures in the city during my break. I will post those when I return to LA. Dealing with multiple picture posting on an iPad is just too frustrating.


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32 Responses to D-Brane Fun!

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    Looks like you must have actually been in Australia or South America–south of the equator anyway since you are upside down

  2. Clifford says:

    That was odd. Not sure why that happened. Updated now. Thanks Mark!


  3. Mark Peifer says:

    I liked the idea of you hanging by your toenails while working the board……

  4. Clifford says:

    Mark… I will try that sometime!