Oh Naan, I have the measure of thee… (Well, more or less. Ought to drop the level in the oven down a touch so that the broiler browns them less quickly.)

(Click for larger view.)

Very tasty! (The Murphy’s stout was not a part of the recipe…)


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28 Responses to Naan

  1. Anonymous Snowboarder says:

    Are you keeping secret your recipe and technique? More importantly, what did you accompany the naan with (besides the Murphy’s which is nicer than Guiness)?

  2. Clifford says:


    No secrets intended! Was just a bit snowed under and so did a quick post. I think I am doing a version I found in the New York Times…. Here.

    The naan was used to accompany lots of different things, not particularly Indian. A chicken stew at one point, and also it is good for lunchtime sandwiches with plenty of room for tomato, avocado, lettuce… etc…!

  3. Anonymous Snowboarder says:

    C – Thanks for the recipe link! Think I will give it a try with the outdoor grill. While I do love a good curry, I’ve found them to also go well with soup for lunch.