LAIH Luncheon with Jack Miles

LAIH_Jack_Miles_6_march_2015_2 (Click for larger view.)
On Friday 6th March the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities (LAIH) was delighted to have our luncheon talk given by LAIH Fellow Jack Miles. He told us some of the story behind (and the making of) the Norton Anthology of World Religions – he is the main editor of this massive work – and lots of the ins and outs of how you go about undertaking such an enterprise. It was fascinating to hear how the various religions were chosen, for example, and how he selected and recruited specialist editors for each of the religions. It was an excellent talk, made all the more enjoyable by having Jack’s quiet and stealthily sharp sense of humour injected into the delivery. Turns out that it was a very nice complement to the excellent interview he did with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air a few weeks back, since for that one there was more of a focus on aspects of his personal story. (I recommend listening to that interview, and I’ve linked it for you.)

You can learn more about the book (or collection of books, depending upon the form you buy it in) here.

LAIH_Jack_Miles_6_march_2015_1 (Click for larger view.)


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