In Motion…

subway_sketch_5th_august_2014_smallBack in Aspen. I went back to LA for a long weekend, and my travel back to Aspen today gave me a lot of good thinking time. Also, I got a few very quick drawings done, such as the one on the right of a cooperative fellow (looking at his phone) on the subway on my way to Union station to take the LAX Flyaway bus.

I’ve been thinking about two projects, one physics and the other about physics, going back and forth between the one and the other, trying to not let them interfere with each other. The “about physics” one is of course the graphic physics book project. In itself it is in two parts. I’m adding more pages from time to time – drawing, inking, and painting/colouring when I can – and I’m also having the odd conversation with potential publishers from time to time, and sending off proposal packages to appropriate places that accept them… trying to explain the nature of the project to those who are willing to listen to something new and exciting. As I’ve said before, “new and exciting” are not words that most publishers want to hear. They prefer you to list five more or less identical things already out there that your work is very close to, and the narrow niche market you are writing for. True innovation is not really the place for traditional publishers, by and large, I’ve been learning. So… It is frustrating and saps a lot of energy, but I continue to explore possibilities. I’ll tell you more about the physics project soon, I hope.

Anyway, the travel back was useful for me to plan the next chunk of time at Aspen – what aspects of the projects to work on, and so forth.

In other news, I hope you’re following the exciting news about Rosetta, the spacecraft about to go into orbit around a comet! Also, take a look at LEGO’s new female scientist characters (see also this story)- ordered yours yet?*


*Thanks aef!

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4 Responses to In Motion…

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    Thanks for the Rosetta pointer. Even though I switched to biology 35 years ago, all those years reading astronomy books and science fiction in my youth left me totally absorbed by missions like this. The newest pictures are truly awesome. The idea that a lander will touch down is almost unbelievable.

  2. Clifford says:

    I agree.

    Should be even more exciting soon!