Total Lunar Eclipse!

There is a total eclipse of the moon tonight! It is also at not too inconvenient a time (relatively speaking) if you’re on the West Coast. The eclipse begins at 10:58pm (Pacific) and gets to totality by 12:46am. This is good timing for me since I’d been meaning to set up the telescope and look at the moon recently anyway, and a full moon can be rather bright. Now there’ll be a natural filter in the way, indirectly – the earth!

There’s a special event up at the Griffith Observatory if you are interested in making a party out of it. It starts at 7:00pm and you can see more about the event here, and more about the eclipse as well. Let’s hope for clear skies!


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4 Responses to Total Lunar Eclipse!

  1. Clifford says:

    @aj_405 Not a great deal. I conclude that based on the time difference. Sunrise will have come for you when it starts, I imagine… 7:00am? Which also means the moon would have set… 🙁 -cvj