Young Author Meeting!

20140413-110946.jpgIt is nice to see the variety of authors at a book fair event like this one, and it’s great to see people’s enthusiasm about meeting people who’ve written works they’ve spent a lot of time with. The long lines for signings are remarkable! As you might guess, I’m very much a supporter of the unsung authors doing good work in their own small way, not anywhere near the spotlight. An interesting booth caught my notice as I was wandering… The word “science” caught my eye. Seems that a mother and daughter team wrote a science book to engage children to become involved in science… Hurrah! So Jalen Langie (the daughter, amusingly wearing a lab coat) gets to be my featured author in this picture! I’ve not read the book, called “Lena Jellie Beana: Science Matters”, but appreciate its intentions, so I’m going to link you to their website here. There’s a PBS interview (with one of the most annoying interviewers bringing up all the most unhelpful science book stereotypes) here.


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