Participatory Art!

As you know I am a big fan of sketching, and tire easily of the remark people make that they “can’t draw” – an almost meaningless thing society trains most people to think and say, with the result that they miss out on a most wonderful part of life. Sketching is a wonderful way of slowing down and really looking at the world around you and recording your impressions. If you can write you certainly can draw. It is a learned skill, and the most important part of it is learning to look*. But anyway, I was pleased to see this nice way of getting people of all ages involved in sketching for fun at the book festival! So I reached in and grabbed a photo for you.


(I did it blind so my alignment was a bit off. I fixed it in post, at the expense of having the unusual parallelogram shape.)


*The close analogy with things people say about science ought to be clear enough to those who read here regularly.

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