No, That’s the Other Guy…

sam_jackson_tvNo, I’m not Neil deGrasse Tyson. Yes, we both talk about science on TV. Yes, we both happen to be black… but no, we are not the same guy. Also: No, I am not Jim Gates. He also sometimes shows up on TV talking about physics, and he is also black.. but no, he isn’t either me (Clifford) or Neil… He’s Jim.

This attempt at humour is inspired (in part) by real conversations I’ve had (less so in recent years, thank goodness – people are maybe better about googling first?). But mostly it is inspired by this (familiar) sad, funny, and stunningly awkward conversation from Monday* (the first 2 minutes 10 seconds):

(Direct link here.)


*Thanks aef!

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4 Responses to No, That’s the Other Guy…

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    Loved the article about you in the Feb. 17 New Yorker (just kidding…..couldn’t resist–it was a nice article)

  2. HSPHung says:

    S. James Gates, Jr. has the most distinct haircut, and you have the English accent; how can people be mistaken? P-Branes, a bunch of them