The Universe Lives!

universe_shoot_16_01_2014Many people have been asking me whether the show The Universe on the History Channel and its sister channel H2, (now the longest-running science show on commercial TV in the US) has come to an end, and I’ve not actually known the answer (but have been assuming so). Well, the good news is that there are some new episodes being made! I know this since I was involved in some filming for a few segments on two episodes on Thursday. I spent the lunchtime session talking about novae and supernovae, and the apparent motion of stars and other bodies in the sky. The episode topic choices are somewhat surprising (I will let you find them out when they air – I do not know when that is yet), but I am always happy to contribute a little science knowledge when I can help.

Dig into the archives for lots about filming, etc, on other episodes of the show. See e.g. the collection of posts here.


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  1. Mary Cole says:

    Good! I look forward to seeing the new episodes.