Strange Omission

tardis_earls_courtSo over a quick lunch of sardines, tomatoes from the garden, and homemade bread*, I decided to glance and the bbc news website. It had a thing in the corner listing the top five stories, and one of them was How to build your own TARDIS.

Well, naturally I looked, because I was not aware that the required technology was available to do this yet. (I was sure we’d still have to wait until last year, or at least to 1985…. But anyhoo….) Turns out it is in the Technology section, so even more interesting, right?


So here’s the thing. Not once did the article mention Time travel. The Tardis is a time machine in the popular TV show Dr Who, for those of you know aren’t following. There were lots of details about little windows, the colour blue, and flashing lights on top, and the dedicated people who try to get this all right in their little home projects… However, nothing about the fact that it is a time machine. Nobody even jokingly talks about how they try to implement some reference to travelling in time using it….(you know, a clock that runs at an odd speed, or a calendar from 1843, or something…. Anything.) Was that just all excised after some editing?

I find this odd. Also odd that this piece is in the Technology section. It’s about making a wooden box and painting it blue! I’ve given up on science sections making any sense, but is this also now going to be the case for technology sections? Come on!

Ok, time for dessert. Calm down, cvj. (If on your lunch break, you can go ahead and read a random thing I wrote about spotting (not really) a TARDIS here…)


*Well, I deserved a treat. I’ve been writing grant application stuff and formatting a syllabus for the syllabus committee to approve… And all that entails.

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