CicLAVia Today!

ciclavia_june_23_2013So I am late in noting that there is another (much sooner) CicLaVia today! And it is the one I always thought should happen, right from the beginning – it runs right through the center of the city, down Wilshire Boulevard. (Well, my hope is that one day it can run all the way to the beach down Wilshire, but maybe that’s in the future). I note that the times have been improved, by the way. It is from 9:00am to 4:00pm, which is great. So it seems that this is one of the major things they did to improve the event. (See my post from April about various issues that came up.) Fantastic! See the website for information on today’s event. Remember, even if you do not want to cycle, you can walk, run, roller-blade, etc. Also, it has LACMA at one end this time, and so there’s the option of just hanging out there. There’s the (nearly over) Stanley Kubrick exhibition to see, for example, which is really fantastic. (It is a smaller version of the one you may recall that I saw in Amsterdam last year, but still really great!)

Anyway, I am going to try to go. I was hoping to have been there already today, but I only just got out of bed. I was at a long (fun) wedding yesterday right into the evening and only got to bed at 2:00am, so will have to take it a little slow…



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