Going for a Drive

curiosity_driverAt JPL the other day, I stood next to this gentleman as he prepared to take over the controls of the Curiosity craft (now on the surface of Mars, you might recall) for a bit of driving. I don’t know where it was being taken to or from on that jaunt, but that was what was going to happen. And I was right in the control room! Fantastic. It is the control room that has been christened “the center of the universe” since the majority of all the spacecraft in the world’s communication comes through here, and every craft ever launched by NASA is or was controlled from here at some point.

More on this visit later. Too many things going on to blog them all, I’m afraid. Will have to update you later. Now I’ve got to get back to research for a bit. From the outside it mostly looks like I’m just finding more convoluted ways of plotting more dots, mostly.


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