Well, I am coming to the end of the week of hiding away in this undisclosed coastal town, and I can report that it was very good for me. I managed to get enough immersion to work hard on one of the stories for The Project, and this morning I read it through (I actually broke it into two stories) and turned out to be not too bad so far. Hurrah! Reading it next to the completed rough visuals really helps. I wish I’d had time to work on more stories, but that’s for another time. I’m just thankful to have had the time to have a good focus on one.

figures_20th_march_2013_smallWednesday I went back to that studio I visited on Monday as they were having another drop in and draw session and I felt it would be a nice end-of-long-work-day relaxation to go again. The model was actually rather excellent, and I wish my speed was a bit better to catch some of her faster 2 minute poses since she had a great sense of flow that made for great dynamic images. I got some nice scribbles down that caught a sense of that, but they’d be too incomprehensible to show here. Instead I’ll show you two longer drawings. Since the longer poses are so short (18 minutes or so) I did not try to get a whole figure but instead grabbed some partial details. That seemed to work for me. If you’ve any interest in figure and/or composition, you can see in the one on the right (which was done before the one on the left) that she is very good and striking poses that make for nice compositions. The flow around her arms and head is really excellent. I was lucky to be able to do it justice (click the for larger view – btw they are larger drawings than might be apparent… this is good for better drawing flow and accuracy). I spoke a little about the good flow to her during a break and she seemed quite oblivious to it, but was happy to hear that the resulting poses were useful. Anyway, I cleaned up the sketches a bit later and took some photos of them for you. I’ve no scanner here, so they are not terribly sharp.

It has been a good Spring break overall. It is not over yet (I’ve another afternoon and night of work), but I feel that what I’ve got done so far has made it worthwhile. Let’s see if I can now get some icing on the cake.


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