I find myself in a cold climate for a short while, once again serving on a committee that needs my in-person participation. It is snowing outside here in Chicago, and it is nice to look at the snow from the window, and occasionally pop from one building to another.

This allows me to pretend that as a Southern-California-softy I’ve had my annual dose of proper cold weather, with a real opportunity to wear a heavy coat and a thick jumper (sweater to those State-side) for at least one time this year. My hotel room is in a tower, and has a nice view out of the window. I tried to take a shot that captures the spirit of it. Pity I’m not able to enjoy it much, given that I’ve got to work.

There’s a Picasso retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago that I’ve heard has a lot of his sketch work! This could be exciting for me to look at. If time becomes available between the business I’m here for and the time of my flight back, I might well try to go.


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