Recovery and Jumping Back in

So that was by far the most ill I’ve been in many years. The flu wore on for five days, with two and a half of them having me mostly in delirium, fighting highs and lows of fevers… quite remarkable. Then I had two extra days of eating very little, so that by time I started eating real food again on Saturday, and going outside, it was as though the world had been made anew to see and taste various things I’d not had in a while…

Ok… I suppose this means maybe next flu season I’ll finally start taking flu shots? We’ll see.

Anyway, I am reasonably sure that I caught that virus while passing through Atlanta airport on my way back from New Orleans. There, so many paths cross as it is a major hub. Spending two hours there gave me ample time to pick something up. Then there’s the plane as well, with four hours to sit in one space in contact with the things a possibly infected traveller before me had contact with. Nice.

I’ve been much better for a few days now, and semester has got going here. I’ve given two lectures in my class. Well, 1.75. The .75 is because Monday I finished the first class early so as not to tire myself out. (I explained to the students, and although probably not contagious, kept my distance.)

Well, guess what? I have to go on another flight! Tomorrow I fly East again (this time for a committee meeting), so I get to play the infection lottery all over.


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2 Responses to Recovery and Jumping Back in

  1. Amy says:

    You could become one of those people who wear medical masks on airplanes. Although I’m never sure if it’s so as not to get something, or not to give something. In any case, it’s kind of freaky.

  2. Clifford says:

    Heh… Believe me, for a moment there I did consider it!