…of Mexico. It was an excellent evening again this year (November 30th, actually). This was the second one (the first was in 2010) and I think the idea is to try to make it an annual event. It is in that great space downtown, Vibiana, the former Cathedral of St. Vibiana (now de-frocked, I suppose).

Anyway, the fellow (photograph right) making something (whatever it was) using liquid nitrogen caught my scientist’s eye (I usually carry a couple with me when I go out). It reminded me of the ice-cream people used to make at various departmental parties in physics departments in my past. (Always seemed like a good idea for novelty, but I never ate any of the ice-cream. I think I’m a fan of making things like that the slow way, letting the flavours settle in…) I wondered what he was making, but did not wait to find out since I was not on my own and a crowd immediately formed around him.

What happened a short time later was a bit unexpected. I enjoyed listening to these musicians quite a lot, and my artist’s eye (yeah…) was playing with compositional ideas based on the interesting faces and expressions they had in combination with their instruments. I remember thinking what a sweet face the third guy along had as he played. Well, a few moments after they stopped playing, to my surprise he came over to me. He was excited to meet me because he loves watching science shows, particularly The Universe, and he wanted to say hello. It’s always great to meet a science fan! We talked for a little while (I thanked him for watching) and then said goodbye. Later in the evening we passed each other again, out in the main food area, and he asked if he could get a picture with me. My companion for the evening was a good sport and took our photo with the musician’s phone camera. (It would probably be her turn next.)


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