100 Registered!

So one of the things that has been taking up my time is the USC Science Film Competition. Well, last week, an important (slightly nail-biting) deadline passed, and that was the date by which interdisciplinary teams should have formed (finding each other due to the awareness campaign I’ve been running around doing since August – with the help of faculty who kindly spread the word in their classes, the blog I set up, an article by Pam Johnson in the Dornsife News, and ads in the Daily Trojan), come up with a film idea, and registered it.

So the day came, and (of course) within 20 minutes of the appointed cut-off hour (6:00pm), a bunch of registrations poured in suddenly… In the end, Great News! There are almost exactly 100 students registered in 25 teams, with a wonderful range of film ideas. This is likely going to be a great year of interesting films, tough to choose among (a challenge for the judging panel I’ll form later in the year). Of course, science and society wins because there’ll be some really fun and interesting new films out there for all to see, explaining and showcasing science ideas in all sorts of ways.

Let’s see.


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3 Responses to 100 Registered!

  1. Mary Cole says:

    This is great news and if last year is anything to go by there will be some wonderful films to look forward to!

  2. Clifford says:

    Thanks Mary!


  3. Tyson Gaskill says:

    Wow, that’s a terrific beginning Clifford! $3000 is a pretty good chunk of cheddar. We’re going to have to raise our prize money for the Wonderland Award to keep up! (Yes, it’s an arms race and it’s ON!)